Enchanted Polish – Future Reflections


So yeah, I caved and got me one. Ordered it at the last Harlow & co. restock. Which also makes it my first international nail mail. Didn’t take long to get here either. Super pretty in the bottle, will see how it stamps soon.

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Priti NYC


Sky Waltz Delphinium, Gatsby Dahlia, Love Patt, Jersey Beauty Dahlia, Blue Wedgewood

I obtained these pretties though an ISO I did after seeing a few of their colors online. They are a 5-free, eco-friendly vegan brand. You can read more about them at their website. They have a line of nail treatments, an organic spa care line, and a kid’s line as well. All of the polishes have gorgeous, dreamy sounding names, which I’ll admit reeled me in more than a little. They are a bit pricey at $13.50 each, but they seem to have frequent sales on some collections, and I am glad to say I got majorly good deals though the groups I’m a part of. They’re all super lovely colors and I’m excited to try them out.

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Konad & Cheeky!


I’ve been wanting to order a stamping kit for SO LONG! I bought both the Konad set and Cheeky plates from Amazon. The Konad set comes with a stamper, scraper, a red, black and white special polish, and 4 plates. The Cheeky set contains 26 plates.
I’ve been watching tons of how-to videos, reading up on which of my polishes will work, etc. SOO EXCITED!

Here is my not-too-shabby first attempt:
OPI Glacier Bay Blues stamped with Kleancolor Pearl Silver and Cheeky plate CH35



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My very successful first swap!


About a month ago, I did my first swap through a Facebook group with miss Leah Glitterpukee. I traded a few of my indies for these exotic beauties. I’ve been very interested in having some HITS polishes in my stash, but she really came through and included some other brands I’d most likely otherwise never even have known about, let alone be able to obtain. THANKS AGAIN LEAH!!

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Image Mutagen and Birefringence

I am SO EXCITED about these polishes! I hope you’re familiar with I Love Nail Polish, but in case you’re not, you can have a look around ILNP’s facebook page, and then head over to the store and get you some of Barbra’s awesome polishes! These two are my first, and I can say without hesitation, my FAVORITE. I absolutely ADORE multichromes. And these take it to an entirely different level. I am simply in awe.

tumblr_ml213595Dg1r0y8j6o1_500 First up, MUTAGEN

This polish is incredible! It shifts from bright emerald green, to aqua, to pink, with a strong golden rose shift, depending on the lighting. A shift inside a shift, you say? Yes. True facts are true. Commence the awkward hand poses!


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KB Shimmer – Teal Another Tale



If you don’t know KB Shimmer polishes, GET FAMILIAR!

My camera had a devil of a time capturing this thang o’ beauty, but trust and believe it’s AMAZING! This is my first (of many) of Christy’s polishes, from her new fall line. She also has a line of bath & body products, I’m dying to try one of her sugar scubs!

She describes this polish as a “dusty teal green polish with a strong pink almost duo-chrome shimmer. A color I imagine would be on a mermaid’s tail. Micro holographic glitters add a bit of shine.”

I describe it as

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Butter London – Victoriana


Le sighh. Isn’t she lovely?

I purchased this from a destash sale that Laura from Polish Addict Nail Color was having. And for a great price, too. YESSS. Now, lemme break it down..

Victoriana comes from their fall 2010 collection. She’s a dark, dusty teal polish OVERFLOWING with silver shimmer. To my eye, it leans much more of a murky green than blue, as seen in a lot of swatch photos I’ve googlyed. Even BL itself describes it as a “textured twinkling vintage blue.” In any event, it’s gorgeous, and a very welcomed addition to my (quickly overgrowing) stash.

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